Cooking Policy

Policy for indoor cooking competitions at LASFS

In order to allow members of the LASFS to indulge in such things as cooking competitions at the clubhouse with as little chance of inconveniencing other members as possible, the following policy is proposed:

For the purpose of this policy, cooking will be defined as “Original preparation and assembly of ingredients, including the application of heat.” This means that a chili cook-off is not covered by this policy as long as the entries are prepared off-site and are only re-heated at the club. Also, any competition that does not include the application of heat or only involves the addition of hot water is not covered.

As the intent of this policy is to avoid problems caused either by cooking fumes, or the side effects of airing out the building, it is proposed that such events only be allowed during regularly scheduled club events between the months of April and October, inclusive. Events of this kind that are held on days that the building is not normally open may be held at any time the planners and the club prefer.

Last Updated (Friday, 26 July 2013)