Loss-Fuss (rhymes with “costume bus”) or Lass-Fass (rhymes with “gas mass”)
    And LASFSian is pronounced Loss-fuss-ee-an or Lass-fass-ee-an.

See LASFS Historian’s Fred Patten’s essays on LASFS History and on the LASFS Coat of Arms.

No. If we thought science fiction were real, we wouldn’t call it science fiction.

    The Procedural Officers administer the Club meetings.
    The Board Officers administer the LASFS Building Fund and the buildings and other LASFS major assets.
    Some LASFS activities (like deciding who’s going to run the Loscon in a given year) require approval from the Board of Directors and from the members attending the Club meeting.

    Because we’re referring not just to people who like reading/watching science fiction but to people who organize themselves into science fiction fan clubs and attend science fiction fan conventions where they can talk to one another about anything and everything on the understanding that most of the people participating in the conversation share a background of reading and watching science fiction, an interest in spaceflight and other developments of scientific progress.  
    Organized SF fan conventions are put on by fans for their fellow fans, rather than by business entrepreneurs.  Most of the panelists (amateur and professional) at “organized SF fan” conventions think of themselves as fans, rather than as an elite who are on a different level than the other attendees.  

    Forrest J Ackerman coined “Sci-Fi” as a way of referring to science fiction, and it’s certainly a lot easier to say than “scientifiction” (the word that Hugo Gernsback coined).  But over the years “Sci-Fi” has also gotten used by non-fans to refer to badly written movies and television shows with very little science and not enough characterization, plot, or dialogue to qualify as good fiction.
    Some members of organized SF fandom took to calling badly written stuff “Sci-Fi “and pronouncing it /Skiffy/ and distinguishing it from good science fiction.
    Some of the older fans at LASFSians still wince if you refer to the genre they love as Sci-Fi; but many don’t mind, and some people proudly refer to good science fiction as “Sci-Fi.”  

 He dropped it out a long time ago, and LASFS respects his wishes.