What's a LASFS?

Several members have taken on that question. Here are some of the best answers:

WHY I’M A LASFS MEMBER by Kristen Gorlitz
LASFS IS US by Lee Gold

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I’ve been a member of the LASFS since early 2013. The problem is that I have a bad memory. I mention this because one of the best things about LASFS is the wealth of information stored not only in the library but really in the minds of its members. The members at the LASFS can probably remind me how long I’ve been there better than I can. {May 30, 2013} They make it their jobs to remember.

I am one of the younger members there and this is a sad thing, especially since I am 28 going on 50. I am an avid science fiction fan and prefer my stories follow a Vulcan logic rather than a Hero’s Journey. My passion is the cinema and I prefer stories of an oral/ visual nature. That said, I have quite unusual tastes when it comes to science fiction films. But differences are to be celebrated, and LASFS is a place where fans of all kinds can come and share the excitement of a good story.

The LASFS is a community of rich oral tradition. Every week we meet to discuss advances in science, review new or old works of science fiction, celebrate fandom, and plan future events. After the meetings, you will find excited fans eager to share a wealth of knowledge, and knowledge not limited to science fiction. The men and women of LASFS have seen things your people wouldn’t believe.

However, we need a new generation to share in these strange worlds. Most of the members at LASFS have been with the club for 40+ years. And while this lends to its rich history, the LASFS is something that may become a distant memory if my generation does not get involved. This place is a rare and wonderful community where we can explore science, science fiction, and fantasy together. It’s a place to gather and dream about the future. For example, I dream of the days in the near future where cybernetic enhancements will assist with my memory. Others dream of wibbly wobbly timey-wimey stuff. Others explore strange, new worlds and seek out new life and new civilizations. And if we don’t come to share in the ideas, in the stories, and in the oral traditions all those… moments… will be lost in time, like… tears… in… rain. (Sorry, I’m a cinema person… What can I say?). But seriously, coming to LASFS will probably be the most unique experience of your life and if you decide to stay, you’ll find yourselves among future dwellers. And that’s really the best place to be.

by Kristen Gorlitz


(Webmistress’s note – the Tyrone clubhouse was sold before the Covid-19 pandemic and there are no longer Aftermeetings at the Coral Cafe)

LASFS is the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society.

LASFS is us.

We’re a social club.  That means we get together and do stuff with each other, mostly talk, but each year we put on Loscon, a convention over Thanksgiving weekend.

We’ve got a long history.

If you like science fiction, then you’ve probably heard of some of our well-known members (a few of whom still show up at meetings now and then).  We meet every Thursday evening at Freehafer Hall: 6012 Tyrone Ave., Van Nuys, CA 91401.

Sometimes we talk about science fiction and fantasy:  books and movies and television and comics. Sometimes we talk about SF fandom. Sometimes we talk about other stuff that we find interesting.

Some LASFSians enjoy the official LASFS meeting, with its reading of the last meeting’s minutes, discussion of new and old business, announcements, reviews, and program (lectures and movies and auctions).Other people go to the back room (the Comfy Seating Area) to talk. Other people go to the LASFS Library.

As a newcomer, you’ll probably be singled out by the Registrar and given a guest card to fill out. You’ll see some people paying dues to the Treasurer, but you won’t have to. You’re a guest, and you get three free meetings before you’ll be asked to join.(That means filling out an application form and paying $10.)

As a guest, you may still participate in the official LASFS meeting. You may announce upcoming events, and you may review things. You may comment on business items even though you can’t vote on them. Or you may just sit quietly and listen to other people talk.

Or you may go back to the conversation area. You’ll find lots of intelligent people with diverse and interesting backgrounds at a LASFS meeting. You can listen to them talking to one another. Or you can wait for a moment of silence and speak up to say something interesting or to ask a good question. After that you can introduce yourself, and the LASFSians you’re speaking to will probably tell you their names in return.

Many LASFS meetings have a official program. You can check the Calendar of Events to see what’s coming up. Some LASFS meetings feature an auction with strange and wonderful stuff put up for bids. Some meetings have a program with one or more speakers.

And even if there’s no program, there’s always the LASFS Library, with thousands and thousands of books and magazines and DVDs that LASFS members can borrow to look at.

And after the meeting, there’s the Aftermeeting. Ask around to see if it’ll be at the Coral Cafe, 3321 W. Burbank Blvd (at N. California St.), Burbank, CA 91505, 818-566-9725, 818-843-6575. or at Corky’s Restaurant & Bar, 5043 Van Nuys Blvd. – (818) 788-5110.

by Lee Gold