LASFS Meetings Order of Business

LASFS President Matthew Tepper has announced the following order of business for a typical LASFS meeting:

  1. Call to Order
  2. Deaths/Anniversaries/Birthdays (Nick)
  3. Reading of Minutes (Krystal Raines)
  4. Additions and/or Corrections
  5. Auction to Name the Minutes
  6. Call for Approval
  7. Celebration of Patron Saint(s)
  8. Committee Reports:
  9. Honor Guard (CL)
  10. Registrar (Eylat Poliner)
  11. Treasurer (Elayne or Debra)
  12. Board Report, if any (Michelle)
  13. Old business (if any)
  14. New business (if any)
  15. Time-bound announcements (things that will be out-of-date by next Thursday)
  16. Moment of Science, if any
  17. Regular announcements (not necessarily time-bound)
  18. Reviews
  19. Miscellaneous, including announcement of aftermeeting, if any
  20. Call to adjourn