History Vault of the LASFS

Within this section of the website you will discover links to that archive. Sit down when you have some free time – or make that time to get to know your club if you are new, or to reminisce if you are one of the generations that has been active for many years. There is something here for everyone.


The Evans-Freehafer Award – Awarded each year at LOSCON for service to the LASFS.

The Forrest J Ackerman Award or Forry Award – Awarded each year at LOSCON for service to the Science Fiction Community.

The Rotsler Award

Awarded by SCIFI each year at LOSCON to honor long-time achievement by a fan artist. The Rotsler Award carries a $300 honorarium and is featured in a display at the LOSCON Art Show.

The Fanquet

From 1949 until 1975, whe a LASFS members who made their first professional sale in the SF community, they were honored with a banquet, called the “Fanquet”. The guest of honor was expected to give a speech, and sometimes another guest would also give a speech to praise the honoree.

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We extend a thanks to former Webmasters Lee and Barry Gold, who took great pains to preserve and back up these precious documents and photos before the inevitable march of evolving technology caused an irreversible crash in the backend software that ran the LASFS website that had served our club for so many years.

It is a daunting task to not only chronicle that journey as it happens, but to preserve it before it becomes lost in the mists of time.

It is the hope of the new Webmistress and staff that the rich treasure trove of photos, written documents and archived texts survives and is made available to the now and future generations visiting this website.