AnaCon 2023 – Engaging and Creative!

AnaCon 2023 – Engaging and Creative!

When Loscon was invited to apply for a table at the Anaheim Public Library AnaCon 2023 event I wanted to bring more than just a table with postcards and membership sales. At Loscon 48, Heath Row set up a fanzine table in the lobby and solicited submissions for a Loscon 48 ‘zine that was compiled into a 39-page ‘zine. I sent a message to Heath to see if he was willing to help create something similar for AnaCon 2023. The first response was positive that he would help, but he was unsure if he could support me the day of the event. As it got closer, his schedule allowed him to join me.

We had an amazing day! The Anaheim Public Library staff were welcoming and there were so many folks having a fantastic day. It is an extensive library with various forms of science fiction or fantasy work in nearly every room. At our table we had blank and lined paper, pens, crayons, markers and colored pencils, as well as clipboards for folks to take and create their own art, prose or poetry to add to the collective zine. I personally took small blank cards to the artists who had tables. I had made a few posts via our social media, so a few poets including Wendy Van de Camp, the Anaheim Poet Laureate, handed me a piece written just for the ‘zine. Others were encouraged to send a submission directly to Heath within the week following the event.

The looks on the faces of both children and adults, when we explained that we wanted their words and art for our event ‘zine was priceless. Being able to share the final product is so exciting!

The table that day was the fun part, then Heath did the hard part, as he took all the submissions and compiled them into this fantastic one-of-a-kind fanzine celebrating AnaCon 2023. We do hope you enjoy it and look forward to seeing you all at Loscon 49 in November.

Krystal Rains
Loscon Marketing team member

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