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Honoring Those Who Have Gone Before Us

The Memorial Page for Those Who Have Gone Before Us is now being actively worked on. We are compiling a list of known passings from prior club records, but we could sure use your help.

The records of our former fen’s departures are spotty in some cases and any details you want to provide would be valued. Please contact us any information you have on the birthdates, place and date of passing and any circumstances you would like to include. Thank you all for your help!

Franklin Waller

LASFS Member Frank Waller at Burbank Bobs Car Fridays 2

June 23, 1957 – July 22, 2023. As reported by Kristine Cherry, Franklin Waller passed away in his home Saturday, July 22nd, 2023 from natural causes.

Marty Cantor

LASFS Member Marty Cantor

As Chaz Bosten Baden reported on his Facebook page April 30th, 2023:

Marty Cantor, long-time LASFSian. Lifetime member, through this morning. Marty died at 11 am from cancer according to Michelle Pincus.

Greg Bilan

LASFS Member Greg Bilan

As noted by Matthew Tepper on December 23rd, 2022:
It is my sad duty to forward the following missive that I received today from Steve Bilan:

“Hello, This e-mail is to inform you of the status of a longtime member of LASFS, Greg Bilan. Unfortunately, Greg has passed away recently. I hope that those who knew him, say a small prayer. And thanks to LASFS for being a big part of his life. He loved the club.”

10/20/22 – Nola Frame-Gray’s husband Louis Elver Warren Grey, passed away yesterday after he fell a couple of weeks ago. He was in hospice, but was allowed to go home where died in his sleep.

Edward Hooper & Louis Elver Gray

LASFS Members Edward Hooper with Louis Elver Gray
photo by Chaz Bosten Baden
December 4th, 2022

From George Hooper, Edward Hooper’s brother.

“Early this morning, my younger brother, Edward Hooper, passed into the fullness of eternal life. He was in the hospital and receiving excellent care. He had a DNR order in place and was on a heart monitor. His heartbeat was irregular and they were preparing to perform an EKG when his heart stopped beating. I will share more details as they become available. Please share this information with the many wonderful communities of which he was a part. I want to extend special words of thanks to Jim and Mandy Thomas, Kathy Hooper, and the others who reached out to him and helped to get him settled after his most recent move.”

Michael Thorsen

November 5th, 2022

We received an update from Michael’s brother on November 5th. “I am sad to report that my brother, Michael Thorsen passed away at Mission Community Hospital at 11:55 am this morning.

Michael did not have a church home in California, so there isn’t really a plan for a memorial service through that avenue. The people in LA that he was closest with were your club members — if you folks are inclined to organize something, my son and I would love to participate.”

Eylat Poliner has volunteered to arrange a Zoom memorial. Details will be made available here on the website as soon as they are known.

We were contacted by Michael Thorsen’s brother Jeff. Mike has been hospitalized since September 22.

He told us that if any of our members are so inclined, Michael would welcome visitors at the rehab facility.

Please feel free to contact Jeff for further information and visiting hours.

-Jeff Thorsen (


Eric Hoffman

LASFS member Eric Hoffman (on left)
LASFS member Eric Hoffman (on left) during Gallifrey One. Used with permission from Tony Benoun.
May 23, 1944 – August 27, 2022


Dennis Fischer posted on Friday, August 26th: “Friends of Eric Hoffman, I have some bad news for you. There was a fire recently at Eric’s house and he was caught in it. He’s currently in the ICU of a hospital and is not expected to survive. He will be missed by his many friends, Whovians, Svengoolians, convention-goers, and others who knew him through his many kindnesses.”

He then posted on Saturday, August 27th: “Eric L. Hoffman passed away at 7:45 a.m. today. He is survived by a brother.”

Eric Hoffman joined LASFS on July 15, 1975.

"Eric was a magnificent nerd, with an extensive knowledge of fantastic films of the past. He could be annoying and ingratiating, but he was generous and kind as well. I considered him a friend as well as a valuable resource I always enjoyed chatting with him at Loscon. He knew his film history and was able to track down all sorts of wonderful odds and ends. I will miss him and his enthusiasm."
Writer and LASFS Member David Gerrold
David Gerrold

Karl Lembke

LASFS member Karl Lembke

September 30, 1960 – May 15, 2022

Original Memorial date was Sunday, August 7th, 2022. (click here for details)

Virtual Online Memorial for Karl Lembke for those who couldn’t make it to the August 7th event. (details here)

Friends of the LASFS

There are a few that are of particular note that are so well-known to members of the LASFS that they need to be mentioned.

Calvin "Cal" Cotton 1948-2014

Know to Loscon goers as The Hornsmythe, Cal and his wife Theresa were in the Dealer’s Room many, many years, selling wonderful wares and trinkets to its members. He was beloved by all and deeply missed. (click on link to view/download the memorial booklet tribute to his life)

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