Submission Guidelines

What We Are Looking For (besides very gifted computer cats)

So you’ve got an itchy writing hand and want to write for the website? Here’s your opportunity!

Our website team is currently looking for fresh, new material for the website. While we have a rich history of material we will be adding from the LASFS historical archives, we also want to keep up on current events.

Have a review of a sci-fi or fantasy show you want to share?

Attended a WorldCon, Star Wars Celebration or a small, local convention and have a review and/or pictures to share?

Or are cosplay, filking or novel writing/short story/screenplays you passion?


We have a place for it all here. Even local book signings, interviews or various whatnots of a fannish are encouraged.

To be considered, you must;

  • Have reasonable writing skills, including a basic command of the English language and its grammar. While the Website Staff retains the right to review submissions, we refuse to spend an inordinate amount of time correcting grammar and/or numerous typos.
  • Your topics must be factual, accurate and well-researched in the areas of real life people, places and events. We reserve the right to pull any submissions that have been published and are discovered to be inaccurate in any of these areas until they have been reviewed, corrected and the website staff has been notified they are ready for re-submission.
  • Your topic(s) must be of interest and relevance to the literary, science fact, science fiction, cosplay and/or fantasy genres. News pieces and notable updates and achievements by members of the LASFS are also encouraged.
  • Your submissions must be works you retain full rights to in the areas of writing, artwork and/or photography. With any submissions of works not your own, you must first obtain permission for publication/distribution. The website staff reserves the right to review and inspect these proof(s) of permission at any point in the review process of your submission piece.
  • The website staff retains the right to refuse any submission based on non-adherence to the above criteria. The website staff will provide the reasons for rejection of any and all submissions on request to the contributor.

Authors and photographers retain full rights to accepted submissions. LASFS, Inc. and it’s Board of Directors assume no liability or responsibility for any inaccuracies or claims of harm derived from the publication of any said material.

I am ready to talk/submit something!