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Just know that when you do…

death will not release you

(as found in Dr. Gafia’s Fan Terms )

Francis T. Laney said this of LASFS when he discovered the club’s exaggerated claims to 500+ members by the early 1940s was largely due to the fact that no one who’d ever paid dues as a LASFS member had ever been removed from the membership roster, even long after they failed to attend or pay dues.

Like many a Laney or Burbee catchphrase, “Death Will Not Release You” caught on with later generations of LASFS members, and on one notable reported occasion Ernie Wheatley, the dormouse of LASFS (so-called for a tendency to put his head down on his arms and fall asleep at after-meetings in local restaurants) woke up just as someone was using the phrase to add, “Even if you die!” – and then promptly put his head back down on his arms and went to sleep again.

Note:  Francis Tower Laney was a 1940s and 1950s FAN.  See Harry Warner Jr.’s description of him.