Upcoming LASFS Zoom Events

  • LASFS Auction

    October 19th

  • Board of Directors nominations

    November 2nd

  • Meeting #4500. Board of Directors Election

    November 9th

  • History of the LASFS with historical LASFSians

    November 16th

  • Meeting at Loscon 49

    November 23rd

  • Nominations for President

    December 7th

  • Procedural Elections

    December 14th

  • Loscon Retrospective

    December 28th

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Blog: The Fannish Pen

Nocte Libri - Anisoptera - The Flight to Westwind

The Flight to Westwind

This scene was inspired by ambient space music project Between Interval’s haunting rendition of the classic Greek myth of the Minotaur. It’s urgency and mystical tones set the mood perfectly for The Flight to Westwind. Enjoy. The young man ran

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LASFS - AnaCon in Anaheim

AnaCon 2023 – Engaging and Creative!

When Loscon was invited to apply for a table at the Anaheim Public Library AnaCon 2023 event I wanted to bring more than just a table with postcards and membership sales. At Loscon 48, Heath Row set up a fanzine

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The Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society, founded Oct. 27, 1934, is the world’s oldest continuously active science-fiction and fantasy club. Comprised of both old and young fans alike, it has grown from its humble beginnings as a tiny literary discussion club into a lively social group of science fiction and fantasy fandom readers, writers, cosplayers and in some instances, professionals in the literary, movie and television industries. Many of our members both run and volunteer at our annual West Coast Science Fantasy Conference (Westercon) and Loscon – the Los Angeles Regional Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention. These two long-running conventions are looked forward to every year, providing a place to hold science fiction, fantasy and genre art shows, charity fundraisers, blood drives and the renewing of fannish friendships of all types. Over its long lifetime, the LASFS has weathered the storms of World War II, fannish politics, the 1992 L.A. Riots, the 1994 Northridge Earthquake and the 2020-ongoing Covid Pandemic. While the names and faces of its members may change, the bonds of friendship through our mutual love of science fiction, fantasy and the popular arts have allowed us to endure in an ever-changing world and will hopefully continue on into the far future. (for a more detailed history of the LASFS, click here [coming soon])

Message from the chair

Hello and welcome to the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society.  LASFS is this planet’s oldest continuously running science fiction club.  We have been meeting every Thursday since 1934.  The history of this club is incredible.  We were the first club of its kind to get our own clubhouse.  I cannot tell you what an amazing honor it is to be the current chairman of the Board of Directors for this awesome club.  

As wonderful and interesting as our history is, its the future that we are looking toward.  A future that we invite you to be a part of.  LASFS has always been a leader in the fannish community, a community that spans the globe. 

LASFS is one of the most diverse groups.  All ethnicities and national origins, religions, and political leanings are welcome here.  We all one club and share the love of the genre.  Our members also vary in occupation. We have  experts in many of the scientific fields, movie and animation, librarians, lawyers, and much more, including published authors.  We are sure you will be able to find interesting conversations with fellow members.


Michelle Pincus
Chairman of the
Board of Directors for LASFS

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