LASFS Member Author Glen Olson Book Launch Announcement

LASFS Member Author Glen Olson Book Launch Announcement

Glen Olson, one of our own, has his first hard cover science fiction novel, Desperate Endeavor coming out in October 2022. Glen has been a member of the LASFS for many years. After retiring from the fire service as a paramedic and fire captain, he spent the last ten years launching a new career as a fiction and non-fiction author. He started with several e-books on Amazon before making his first sale, Desperate Endeavor, to a traditional publisher. His non-fiction book Fifty Years of Polyamory in America, published by Rowman and Littlefield comes out in November, 2022.  

Glen has attended every LOSCON for the last twenty years and is looking forward to seeing everyone at LOSCON 48. With a background in public safety, emergency medicine, and with recent experience in successfully pitching books to publishers, he will be appearing on a variety of panels talking about writing, publishing and how science fiction of the 20th Century may have changed the way people today conduct their personal lives and relationships.

Many people have given Glen great advice over the years, including Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle and Steven Barnes. In fact, Glen remembers Jerry Pournelle once told him, “Glad to hear you are writing a novel. If you don’t keep writing after this one doesn’t sell, you’re not a real writer.”  With encouragement like that, how could anyone stop?

Both Steven Barnes and Francis Hamit have written cover blurbs for the novel. This is Francis Hamit’s: “Olson has combined military science fiction with quantum and string theory in a first-contact story that combines a series of fascinating what-ifs that will challenge readers.”

Presswire put out a wonderful review of the novel, which can be found here.

When Interstellar War Breaks Out, Humanity Must Fight to Save Itself—in This Story of One ‘Desperate Endeavor’ – EIN Presswire (  

Glen’s website is

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