Nominations for the Forrest J Ackerman Awards

Nominations for the Forrest J Ackerman Awards
This coming week, the program will be the nominations and voting to select the recipient of the 2022 Forrest J Ackerman Award for Service to Science Fiction. 57 individuals, writers, editors, artists, fans, motion-picture creators and composers, have been included in this recogition of a lifetime’s worth of presenting the best of our genre to the world.
The full list of recipients comprises:
Ackerman, Forrest J
Anderson, Poul
Anderson, Karen
Asimov, Isaac
Barnes, Steven
Bear, Greg
Benford, Greg
Bloch, Robert
Brackett, Leigh
Bradbury, Ray
Bradley, Marion Zimmer
Brin, David
Bujold, Lois McMaster
Clarke, Arthur C.
Clement, Hal
de Camp, L. Sprague
DeChancie, John
Ellison, Harlan
Farmer, Philip Jose
Gaiman, Neil
Gerrold, David
Glyer, Mike
Gold, Horace
Hambly, Barbara
Harryhausen, Ray
Heinlein, Robert A.
Jackson, Charles Lee, II
Jones, Chuck
Kelly Freas, Frank
Le Guin, Ursula K.
Leiber, Fritz, Jr.
McCaffrey, Anne
Moffatt, Len
Moore, C.L.
Neville, Kris
Niven, Larry
Norton, Andre
Patten, Fred
Pohl, Frederik
Pournelle, Jerry
Powers, Tim
Pratchett, Terry
Robinson, Spider
Schwartz, Julius
Silverberg, Robert
Siodmak, Curt
Sturgeon, Theodore
Tenn, William
Turtledove, Harry
van Vogt, A.E.
Vance, Jack
Whedon, Joss
Williams, John
Williamson, Jack
Willis, Connie
Wollheim, Donald A.
Zelazny, Roger
This list will be read aloud before nominations.

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