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Why This Page?

  1. So nobody can call me lazy? Probably.
  2. ’cause I need a place to keep a list of my updates for staff meeting reports? Yeah…that.
  3. Because Google bloody LOVES ‘sites that refer to internal links and stay updated and this is a slightly cheatery way of doing it, but not really since they set the rules.

Note – stuff in red are works in progress.
Red stuff with accompanying angry .gif are things that are currently p*ssing me off.

11th doctor wait what



  • The LASFS Membership Database has been replaced with the current version. If you want the link, email/text/call/yell at me for it.
    • UPDATE In the Good New/Bad News Department – the currently available member database is INCOMPLETE! Thanks to Matthew Tepper directing me back to the Wayback Machine. This has been confirmed, BUT now that means an INSANE amount of work to cross-reference those existing names with the missing ones.
  • Several helpful fans pointed out that the footer menu links didn’t work in desktop mode. Instead of ignoring it, it’s fixed (at 5:45 am in the freakin’ morning) You’re welcome *grin*


  • The Site Map is up, you nerds. Knocks yourselves out looking up stuff in a nerdy (but more comprehensive) way.
  • The domain name has resolved to the new hosting plan. Will forward to the soon(ish).


    • Memorial Page edits done.
    • Added Ninja Forms plugin.
    • Recaptcha v3 doesn’t work. Set up v2.
    • Home Page edits to change memorial info link from email to Ninja Forms and add new button art.
    • Contact the Webmistress Page created to give visitors a way to b!tch about/praise/contribute to the website. Out of beta testing and now live.
    • Email addresses added to Contact Us page; Secretary & Webmistress.
    • Calendar updates confirmed already done (sent by Eylat).
    • Breadcrumbs option disabled because they are as annoying as f*ck. If you don’t know what breadcrumbs are, trust me, you won’t miss them.
    • Home Page – moved Memorial Page announcement down to bottom of page.
    • Appointed Eylat Poliner as a member of the website team. Go us, we’re EXPANDING!
    • Research into an Events plugin Eylat can use to keep our Thursday meeting events & guests list updated. (Work in Progress)
    • Google Calendar integrated into website and sidebar seamlessly after 3 hours of H E Double Toothpicks.
    • Configured Calendar colors to color standards for website (yes, I/we are professional to have a set of those).
    • Reset local time to UTC +8 hours to fix glitch in iCal sidebar calendar display. (Am thinking of changing it back since iCal calendar option was abandoned).
    • May have settled on native Google Calendar customization code to integrate our calendar into the website, but sidebar does not show up on mobile smartphone, so need to make sure calendar is more prominent in mobile views. Probably w/the use of a button. Adding to my pile, er, list of things to get done.
    • Email forwards set up for Test email sent.
    • Moved the “What’s a LASFS?” top navigation bar link to under the FAQs section.
    • Terms and Conditions Page linked in footer.
    • Members in Memorium Page done. Content request announcement moved there and off the Home Page. Eric Hoffman’s passing announcement added. 


      • Backups confirmed working in Installatron.
      • FIXED Discovered that the mobile footer is defaulting to lorum ipsum. Find a way to override it. (Tearing my hair out on this one. If you’re a developer and have a magical way of fixing this annoyance, let me know.)
      • Page “What’s a LASFS?” done. (Looking for more testimonials. Contact me if you want to contribute some good word mojo about us!)
      • Reactivated site icon (Goddess knows why it went into hibernation in the first place.)


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